April 14th - 20th, 2024
Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, Peru

Journey to Inner Harmony
7-Day Yoga Retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Immerse yourself in the mystical energy of the Sacred Valley as you embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation. Our Andean Serenity Yoga Retreat offers daily yoga and meditation sessions against the breathtaking backdrop of the Andes mountains. Dive into local culture, explore ancient ruins, and reconnect with nature.

Top Yoga Retreat in Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley of Peru
Yoga Retreat in the Sacred Valley of Peru

Connect Within, Explore Outside

Unforgettable experience that nourishes your body, mind, and soul. Unwind, reflect, and find your inner serenity in the heart of Peru.

APRIL 14 - APRIL 20, 2024

7 days / 6 nights

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The Andes rise tall, their peaks touching the sky. In the crisp mountain air, the scent of eucalyptus and wildflowers surrounds you. Welcome to Peru's Sacred Valley, a place where the ancient whispers of the Inca civilization linger in the breeze, and where the practice of yoga finds its truest expression.

Time & Location

2024 - April 14th - 20th
Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Peru

About The Retreat

Join us on a journey of self-discovery, transformation, and tranquility. Our Sacred Valley yoga retreat awaits, where the ancient and the present converge in perfect harmony.

Our “Connect Within, Explore Outside” yoga retreat is more than just a series of yoga classes; it's an immersion into the heart and soul of this extraordinary land.

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Retreat Highlights

Words can’t quite describe the power of the energy in this area. Daily yoga, meditation and pranayama practices will help you connect to this sacred land and yourself.

The week together will include practices, a day at Machu Picchu, a day exploring Cusco, time to reflect and rejuvenate in the gardens and majestic land surrounded by the Andes, and much more…

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Day 01.
Embark on a Sacred Quest

Arrive at the ancient city of Cusco and let the vibrant energy of the Andean culture welcome you. We'll greet you at the airport and guide you to our retreat center, the beautiful Willka Tika in the heart of the Sacred Valley.

In the afternoon, we'll come together for an intimate welcome circle, a chance to connect, and a gentle yoga session to unwind and prepare for a week of transformation.

As the stars blanket the sky, we gather for our opening ceremony. The sacred fire crackles, and the gentle sound of a flute fills the air. Let your spirit be cleansed, and your journey to inner harmony commence.

Under the starlit sky, we'll kindle a ceremonial fire to honor the earth, set intentions, and leave behind the hustle and bustle of daily life as we transition into the Sacred Land of Peru. This is where your spirit finds renewal, and your inner journey towards harmony truly begins

Day 02.
The Inca's Whispers in Ollantaytambo and Maras Moray

Today, we step back in time to uncover the secrets of Inka’s era.

As we rise, we will dive into the self-exploration through Breathing Practices, Morning Yoga, Chakra Meditation in the gardens and Gratitude Journaling.

Followed by organic, locally grown, freshly cooked, vegetarian breakfast.

Our adventure then leads us to the mesmerizing Ollantaytambo, where ancient ruins come to life, sharing stories of a civilization long past. Guided by our knowledgeable host, you'll reach out and touch history with your own hands.

As we return to our retreat center, a soothing yoga session awaits, providing the perfect ending to a day filled with exploration and enlightenment.

Day 03.
Discovering Perolniyoc Waterfall and Raqaypata Ruins

Today, the valley whispers of hidden treasures. The morning sun paints the mountains with warmth as we embark on a memorable adventure.

We begin with our morning grounding practices of yoga, pranayama and journaling, attuning our bodies and spirits to the present moment and inner harmony, setting intentions for an adventure ahead.

Then, we embark on an exhilarating hike to Raqaypata, a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Andes. As you traverse rugged terrain and lush landscapes, you'll be captivated by the untouched beauty of the region. Along the way, cascading waterfalls add a touch of magic to the scenery, offering opportunities for moments of tranquility. This journey promises a perfect blend of nature's wonders and the thrill of exploration.

At a serene spot by the waterfall, we enjoy a picnic lunch together. Nourish your body with locally sourced, fresh ingredients while surrounded by the sounds of nature.

We continue our journey to explore the archaeological site of Raqaypata, perched on top of the waterfall. These sacred ruins are a testament to the wisdom of the Incas and their deep connection to the land. Our expert guide unveils the history and significance of this ancient site, offering insights into the Inca civilization that once thrived here.

As we return to our retreat center, our hearts brim with the memories of the day's adventure. With the sun setting over the Sacred Valley, we gather for a soothing and rejuvenating Sound Bath to conclude this magical day

Day 04.
Machu Picchu - A Sacred Dream Unveiled

Today, the pinnacle of our journey unfolds - the magnificent Machu Picchu, where dreams become a breathtaking reality.

Set your alarm before the sun's first light for an early train ride to Aguas Calientes, the gateway to Machu Picchu. As the train winds through the picturesque Andean foothills, the anticipation in the air is palpable. Upon reaching Aguas Calientes, we'll board a bus that carries us closer to the Enigmatic Inca Citadel.

Behold, Machu Picchu reveals itself in all its grandeur. Our seasoned guide escorts you through the enigmatic citadel's secrets, unraveling the architectural brilliance and profound spiritual importance of the Inca legacy. Find your own sacred nook amidst the ancient ruins.

Take a moment to contemplate, meditate, or simply soak in the profound energy of Machu Picchu. Each stone murmurs untold tales, and every step is a pilgrimage of its own.

As the day's wonders wind down, we return to the retreat center for a heartwarming group dinner, a time to share stories and insights from our unforgettable day at this UNESCO World Heritage site.

Day 05.
Pisac's Vibrant Heart

Today, Pisac opens its vibrant heart to us, inviting exploration of its historical ruins, lively market, and an enchanting rendezvous with adorable llamas at the Alpaca Farm.

Our day commences with the grace of yoga, a serene awakening through movement, mindful breathing, meditation, and heartfelt journaling.

Next, we'll explore Pisac's ancient ruins, where the captivating Inca history comes alive right before your eyes. Dive into the lively market nearby, offering a treasure trove of souvenirs. And when it's time to eat, get ready to indulge in a scrumptious buffet lunch bursting with mouthwatering Peruvian delights!

On our journey back, we pause at a local alpaca farm, forging connections with these gentle creatures.

As the sun sets, we bid farewell to the Sacred Valley with a magical Cacao Ceremony and a closing circle, reflecting upon the wealth of experiences we've gathered.

Day 06.
Cusco, The Capital of The Empire

Our return to Cusco brings us to the heart of the Inca Empire, a city brimming with history and energy.

Following a delightful breakfast, we'll journey to Cusco, where a full-day city tour awaits.

Our local guide will lead us to Cusco's iconic hotspots, from the bustling Plaza de Armas to the awe-inspiring Sacsayhuaman and beyond.

As the day gently transitions into evening, we'll settle into a charming Cusco hotel, ready to embrace the city's lively spirit.

Cusco's thriving culinary scene beckons us to savor a fusion of flavors that have enchanted travelers for centuries. Tonight, we dine like royalty in this historic and captivating city.

Day 07.
Farewell to the Andean Highlands

As the sun rises over Cusco, we bid farewell to the Andean Highlands, carrying the valley's wisdom in our hearts.

Our last yoga session in Cusco serves as a beautiful closing, filled with gratitude and reflection. Take a moment to soak in the city views, etching them into your memory.

Wrap up your stay with a leisurely breakfast at the hotel, indulging in the region's flavors one final time.

Our retreat journey concludes as we transfer to Cusco International Airport. As you embark on your onward journey, take with you the cherished memories of our inner harmony expedition.

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Your journey begins with a $500 deposit, ensuring your place in this transformative retreat while you complete the registration process. This deposit is a contribution towards the total price outlined below. Upon receiving your deposit, you'll receive our registration form. This essential document aids us in understanding you better, your current location, and your aspirations for the retreat. It enables us to tailor our offerings to your needs and ensure we can provide you with the best possible support on your path.





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How to Register?

Pay your non refundable deposit of $500 and complete the registration form and waiver.

Reservation and Payments

Arrival / Departure

Program services begin with a group transfer from the Cusco airport on Day One and end with the group transfer from the Cusco hotel to the airport on Day 7.

If arriving at a different time we may arrange a private transfer at an additional cost. If participants wish to stay longer at the end of the trip, they may request to have a room arranged for extra nights in the same comfortable Cusco hotel. Please advise at time of registration.